Automated Voice-Picking for Warehouse and Logistic Solutions

An interactive industrial solution platform that provides integrated and embedded advancement analytic intelligence from natural human’s voices to computerized text and messaging.

VoixPRO comes with the enrich feature of creating accuracy reports, managing supply chain solutions throughout warehouse, retailer businesses, or healthcare and manufacturing solutions

Voice Solution

VoiXPRO Increased Productivity, Accuracy and Flexibility

VoixPRO offers numerous advantages over conventional order picking methods by paper job order picking-list or handheld terminals. Rather than communicating visually via paper of job order picking-list or computer monitors, Pick-2-Voice (P2V) relies on voice instructions through standard headphones with headset. Allowing hands-free operational procedure to the operator to handle the stock items, P2V ensures an ergonomic and efficient pick sequence. Without the need to handle wireless data terminals and paper lists eliminated, the order picker can focus entirely on retrieving the required items.


• Hands-free operational process of operator

• Up to 40% improvement in picking productivity

• Up to 99 % picking accuracy on live test in the outdoor environment

• Reduced operator training time

• Direct interface to most legacy WMS and ERP

• Fast ROI feasible


Architectural design solution to reduce workflow processes and increase productivity. Effective cost reduction for resource management.


Hand-free instrument to let doctor & medical staffs to work ease with patients. Analytic technology integrated with Hospital Information System (HIS) to improves operational effectiveness, from doctor consulting process to medical distribution to patient.


Integrated Solution to improve existing manufacturing workflow process with voice command.


Brings an interactive and activity based provides order fulfilment solution, from front-line at shelf level, to back-end of warehouse and store level for inventory management.